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Full-Time Teller Position is open at the Water Valley Branch located at 355 Eastman Park Drive Windsor, Colorado. 

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Points West is an equal opportunity employer. Thank you for your interest.

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Lost or Stolen ATM or VISA Debit Card? Contact Your Local Branch Immediately. For After Hours Reporting Call 1-800-535-8440

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Mobile Deposit

Educational Tips on using Mobile Deposit

• Before logging into the Mobile Deposit app, close all other apps running in the background on your mobile phone.

• Sign/endorse the back of your check, and label it “For Mobile Deposit Only” and the date.

• When prompted for the amount, carefully enter the check amount to ensure it matches the amount written on your check.

• Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photos.

• Keep the check within the view finder on the camera screen when capturing your photos. Try not to get too much of the areas surrounding the check.

• Take the photos of your check in a well-lit area.

• Place the check on solid dark background before taking the photo of it.

• Keep your phone flat and steady above the check when taking your photos.

• Hold camera as square to the check as possible to reduce corner to corner skew.

• Make sure that the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting your deposit.

• Make sure there are no shadows across the check and all four corners are visible.

• Make sure the check is not blurry.

• Make sure the MICR line is readable (numbers on the bottom of you check).

• Retain your check until the funds are available in your account.

• Destroy your check after you see it deposited into your account.

Mobile Deposit FAQs

What is PWCB’s Mobile Deposit?
Mobile Deposit is an easy way to deposit checks into your checking, savings, or money market accounts using your mobile phone. Other commonly used terms for mobile deposit are “remote deposit”, and “remote deposit capture.”

Who can use Mobile Deposit?
Eligibility rules require you have a consumer checking, savings, or money market account, have had a banking relationship with PWCB for at least 6 months without non-sufficient funds (NSF) activity. To use the mobile deposit function you must have valid Online Banking credentials, and have downloaded the PWCB mobile app.

What Mobile devices can be used?
Mobile Deposit is available in the iOS and Android apps and can be used on an iPhone and Androids (not available for Blackberry devices).

Is there a cost to deposit my check with PWCB Mobile Deposit?
The Mobile Deposit service is free.
*We may, in our sole discretion, modify, add or remove portions of the service at any time without prior notice.

Can I deposit any type of check with Mobile Deposit?
PWCB Mobile Deposit can accept most check types, including money orders, payroll, personal and government checks. However, the following check types cannot be processed using Mobile Deposit and you must deposit the item using other means, such as visiting a PWCB branch.
• Two-Party Checks
• Foreign Checks
• Temporary checks (any item without a check number)
• Checks payable to any person or entity other than you

What is the availability of funds for a mobile deposit?
If your check is accepted by PWCB, the balance of the check will be made available to you the first business day after the day of deposit in most cases. There are some reasons that you may experience a delay in funds availability. We will notify you if we delay your ability to withdraw funds for any reason, and we will tell you when the funds will be available. Funds will generally be available no later than the seventh business day after deposit. Notifications of delay will not be available or sent to you via the Mobile App, and instead will come via mail. Notification of deposit rejection may be sent to you via email.
*Checks are subject to verification by PWCB and may be rejected for any reason without liability to you.

Will I receive immediate credit when I deposit a check by Mobile Deposit?
No, funds are not memo-posted to your account, as they are for a branch deposit. In most cases your funds will be made available the first business day after the day of deposit.

Is there a limit on the number of checks I can deposit?
There is not a set limit of checks a customer can deposit, but only one check can be deposited per transaction. There is a dollar amount threshold for daily deposits, that amount is $5,000 and the check amount limit is $3,000.

Are there any helpful hints to make using Mobile Deposit more efficient?
•  Make sure the check amount entered matches the amount written.
•  Verify the back of the check is endorsed and dated.
•  Make sure entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting.