Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
Please monitor your accounts closely and immediately alert us to any unauthorized activity. If you have changed your phone number within the last month or two, please make sure you have alerted us of the change, so we are able to contact you in the event of suspected fraud.

Over the last few days, several of our customers have experienced debit card fraud at Wal-Mart and King Soopers stores in the Denver-surrounding areas. A number of of these fraudulent transactions were preceded by a charge from an out-of-state hotel that was immediately refunded, possibly to check the account while hoping to avoid immediate discovery. Fortunately the Star Network review department was able to halt most of the fraudulent activity before it hit the customer’s account.

We urge you to use your card as a debit transaction (PIN based) for an extra layer of security whenever possible, as transactions at these stores in the Denver areas may be blocked if they are signature-based (credit transactions).